Monday, 27 May 2013

Soap and Glory- Quick Review!

Soap & Glory Flake Away-Body Scrub 
want an exfoliater that doesn't feel majorly abrasive and like your sanding down your skin with sandpaper then try this its small beads gently work the dry patches and the oily cream softens to create a great finish and pleasant experience!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
dry itchy feet from being on your feet all day try this soothing cream, thick in consistency a little goes along way creating a smooth finish that works deep into the skin taking the itchyness and dryness away. use daily and your tootsies will be ready for anything!

Soap & Glory™ Foam Call-Bath and Shower Wash
THE SMELL is so good so to wash yourself you have to use something that smells good so use this! with a moderate nice lather work this into your skin creating a soft skin finish and a lovely soak really making you feel clean and daily life challenges scrubbed away in a instant. 

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