Monday, 3 June 2013

Admit it...we can all be slobs

Come on girls! we all have those days where we think, nah!! we don't need make up today or ok this jumper should probably go in the day wont hurt or just the laziness of dragging ya hair in a messy ponytail and chucking on whatever is to hand to wear and sneaking of to the shops hoping no one sees.

This photograph appeared on the Daily mail today criticising Helena Bonham Carter choice of outfit for her quick dash to the shops and i just thought to myself, i bet more woman do this than you think! it natural and we all have those fat days or lazy days or unloved days when we just don't wanna be dressed up to the nines! we just wanna stay in bed really but sadly daily shop runs and school runs come calling and we have to drag ourselves out into the open world! 
My fella doesn't care that i can look shit some days though he wouldn't say i did he'd say id look beautiful so it isn't unattractive because its not an everyday thing it just an occasional thing so they see that you can look really good some days and focus on the real beauty the other days.

 She still has her stunning days, maybe we just need a break from always looking good in order for people to see whats behind the make up, backstage at the show of life.....?

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