Monday, 18 November 2013

Calling someone fat won't make you any skinnier... part 2

My Story....

Though it may not be a huge things its the standard day to day upsets people may face nothing dramatic but its the small things that can feel a weight on your shoulders.

I've never been really skinny as a child i was a normal size with the bits of puppy fat, all my family aren't really skinny so i guess though they say genes have nothing to do with it a whole family being a biggish size can i think mean you may follow there footsteps. The women all have wide set hips carry out weight mostly down around the waste and large busts, curvaceous.
In year 9 i lost alot of weight due to just how school life routine was it was all about socialising not food. i then had a few years of being pretty skinny then it sort of came back as life got more normal and consistent.I had my share of comfort eating through break ups and feeling fat and horrible during relationships and afterwards.
In the past 2 years i have yo-yo'd in weight really my boyfriend of the past 1 and half years is a foodie he likes good food and as do i and its a social thing we go through, we aren't the most unhealthiest yes we could be better but was also love a good home cooked meal that's healthy and delicious as well as naughty take outs. At the moment I'm about 13 stone its fluctuate between 12 and 13 as of recent, my dress size has gone up slightly id say I'm more a 14/16 now. Ive had trouble with stretch marks since a young age, just must have stretchy skin. However they have been more appearing at the moment after the yo-yoing of my weight, it makes me self conscious but Ive decided to take upon myself to try get rid or lighten them so i religiously put Palmer's stretch mark cream on me everyday and it is working.
I moan to my boyfriend about them and my weight but he doesn't care he just gives me a look and goes and, and i think to myself how bothered about this am i, i am healthy and I'm happy with someone who loves me for who i am am i really that bothered or is it just the initial look of things that aren't perfect that puts me off...but who wants perfection? even if we  were perfect we would find something to moan about.

In a sense i kinda feel i can look better now i can wear those curve hugging dresses that are so popular and feel like i fill them well and that i have a style to follow rather than how i used to feel which was I couldn't carry things off. I'm learning to accept what i have and learning to dress well and look after yourself can make you feel better in itself without shedding a load of weight through a awful fad diet.

Maybe...just Maybe we should stop thinking so much about what were "supposed to look like" and think how we feel and enhance that, make our own confidence rather than relying on looks and materials to make it look like were confident, that's gotta be worth more making your own confidence and have sink in your mind and veins that have ti be artificial and not skin deep.


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