Monday, 17 February 2014


When sometimes you just want to help motivate yourself but it won't sink in you wish you could have it said to you or you say it to yourself so it means more well this is what i'm going to try do. I'm going to try help myself and help you, others that need motivation.

The Plan is i will look at my flaws, my dreams, ambitions, what i want to improve and tell myself it via this blog and try speak inspirationally and motivate myself which in turn will motivate anyone else who read these posts.

If people want to input into this then you are more than welcome we can all motivate each other and give each other advice or I can help give others advice or use suggestions on posts for the future.

I find images and music can really help me motivate myself so expect images and song lyrics, quotes etc. :)

There will be normal posts as well so don't worry about that :)

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