Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A lovely afternoon (The Greatest Showman)

 What a lovely afternoon. We started with a lovely afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie which was so lovely. Afternoon tea always looks like not alot to eat and you would manage it until you get 2 layers in and you start doubting yourself and give up so get the rest boxed up !
 We then headed to our local Cineworld to see the highly anticipated The Greatest Showman.
Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum creator of the Barnum & Bailey circus. Set in New york it tells his story. The highs and lows. With emotive and foot stomping songs this is an inspiring story of dreams and imagination.
With the legend Hugh Jackman playing the title role of Barnum we were already onto a winner. Accompanying him were Michelle Williams as Charity, Barnum's wife with a beautiful voice, Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle who finally got rid of that cheesy high school musical voice for a really lovely toned voice and really made held his own and showed of his honestly amazing talent! Good career move Zac!
And the rest of the cast were amazing too some new faces we will most likely see again after this performance.

 It reminded me visually of Moulin rouge but musically held its own with its modern song and dance yet setting in Victorian era.
From that first songs your toe was tapping and by the end they were stomping along, you may cry and you may cheer. It gives that much.

A definite must see, they need to make it into a stage show though now !

Friday, 5 January 2018

A 2017 round up and a 2018 plan of attack

Well, 2017 what can i say, this year you changed me. I left a job and got a new one which is the best job i have had and i love it. I can see me making progress within it and making a career hopefully!
With this job in turn came more confidence. I used to hate going to new places and doing new things alone but i bit the bullet and did these and its felt so good the feeling afterwards and praise i get from everyone as well.
I did more of what i love. Visited york finally! Go to my fave coffee shop, listened for hours to my fave radio station, go to car shows (a new hobby the boyfriend dragged me to but of which i now love!) And visited the theatre more! God i love the theatre and musicals! I saw loads this year, Ramin Karimloo, Addams family, Cilla, Joseph and more! Need to see even more this year

It was a fulfilling year and 2018 will be more so!

So 2018 plans... well initially i have my best friends wedding and I'm a bridesmaid! So that's a big thing this year.

But my main things are to be spontaneous and see where each day takes me and to do things on a whim and not plan too much. Feels more of a treat then!

My main resolutions are...

  1. Loose weight/go to the gym from February (birthdays in Jan so we wont lie and say ill be good then so ill start in Feb lol)
  2. Read more! I have a pile of books 
  3. Stay positive. I have a happiness journal and a list journal to help highlight the good so ill be using those
  4. Progress in work 
  5. Save money
  6. See more theatre!
  7. Go back to Liverpool and Scotland
  8. Blog more
  9. Go to more mas markets this year!
  10. Enjoy life and live for the moment
I wanna post more so i will really try this year! 

Friday, 15 September 2017

The Addams Family Musical

Even as the curtain went up and you herd that infamous theme and the *click, click* i knew the show was going to meet my expectations. Ones made great by the fact that you tuber and writer Carrie hope Fletcher was in it and i had been watching her Watch me Wednesdays leading up to this day with the backstage preperations and antica that i couldn't hide my excitement i knew i had to go and it was the first time going to the theatre on my own!
The basic story is Wednesday Addams falls in love with a normal boy and they wanna get married but they want there parents blessing. Commence crazy meeting in the Addams central park home and all kooky goings on happen.
So what did i think?

The Cast

  • Samantha Womack- Morticia- so good as the sexy and sultry Morticia, great singing and acting not the most powerful singer but very good still.
  • Les Dennis-Uncle Fester- Funny and innocent Fester whose Love story is so cute and played by this legend was carried off really well such good acting needed for the role and he pulled it off.
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher-Wednesday- The reason i came to see it. Totally amazing her voice is just as good in person her chemistry with all the cast was amazing and the part suited her well!
  • Cameron Blakely-Gomez- hilarious and amazing acting done here clearly his years in the business shone through, nothing was forced and his singing is pure class.
  • Valda Aviks-Grandma- considering her age shes a feisty little something so funny!
  • Grant McIntyre-Pugsley- lovely solo by him when doing what if! And he did pugsley just as you would imagine him to be naughty and a typical kid but innocent too.
  • Oliver Ormson- Lucas Beineke- nice on the eye, amazing voice and funny too got a few laughs and jibes for dabbing by the school kids in o  the performance! 
  • Dicken Gough- Lerch- does not say much of course but for someone who hardly speaks he did this character amazing justice. Wouldn't be Addams family without lerch!
  • Lucas parents-Dale Rapley and Charlotte Page- great pairing good singing and reflection of married couples drawn apart then back together again.
  • The Ancestors-  amazing group Scott Paige stood out due to Carries vlogs but all really made the show!
The Set and story

I loved the set Gothic and kooky it really reflected the family and the scene with the moon was so beautiful.
The story was realistic and you know would have happened i that classic families life. It was funny and relateable and quirky all at the same time but not normal far from normal this is the Addams family of course.

The Songs/Music

A mixture of quirky fun songs to really lovely heart felt powerful songs. It had it all!
When your and Addams made up as there welcome entrance, with crazier than you as the love song and Pulled giving the power to the situation Wednesday found herself in and full disclosure just was not getting out of your head now!

Listen to it ! Go see it if you can! And lets hope Andrew Lippa does a cast soundtrack!

YORK places to see...

Just walking into York from our hotel there was so much to see. The old buildings and streets and amazing architecture. Your immediately transported.

York minster is a must when we went at first it was really early morning and we just walked the grounds and that alone was amazing looking at it and its grounds you really got a sense of grandeur from it and it is that walk that made us decide we had to go in. So the day after it was raining so we went inside on this day to keep dry yes you pay, but it goes towards keeping this amazing place standing and that ticket lasts you a year we went on one of the tours which o think is a good idea so you can get the info and context to it all which just adds to the experience! A must see definitely our trip was cut short due to a reservation  and the fact it was not planned but we will go again!

This was my highlight the York Castle museum! It starts at the beginning then goes through the ages speaking about the whole of york and where it started. What people were like and what they did, how it was to live and work there and what york was know for. At one point we got a guided tour on the Victorian street section. The guide, all dressed in the era attire, spoke about living in these times for each class and really made the streets and its rooms come to life and he gestured towards volunteers in some of the shops as they want to talk about there shop and the history but there volunteers so don't get paid like he did and so wanted us to go see them. The One we spoke to in the pharmacy was amazing and so funny getting a jar of leeches out and entertaining the adults and the children. We were here for like 2 hours and i think was the best place we went.

We had to pop into the golden fleece just for a drink one of the most haunted pubs it was very atmospheric and was literally painted in history which was suggestive at how you were bound to feel as well as the un-even creaky floors and darkened rooms i ended up getting neck pain and when we left it disappeared instantly!

Above is the best part of the rail museum. Not my cup of tea.

This caused damage to the bank! It is amazing and the staff are so good getting into charecter with the koda and chatting about the store while you wait. Its become such a phenomenon i  itself the staff and owners never expected it to become so big. Yes you have to Que and shouldn't be for too long if your tactful with the time you gobut it is worth the wait if your into Harry potter.