Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Gotta love a snapchat filter

You gotta love a good filter, i go on snapchat and go through each one just for a laugh and send them to my boyfriend with funny photos or a funny video with a silly voice! They take really nice pictures too i love the compilation above! It's fun and different and brightens up the day!

Churchill 2017 movie review

Set during the lead up to D day in 1944 we see Sir Winston Churchills attempts to stop the normandy invasion so as not to repeat the suffering he saw at Gallipoli in 1915. Events we see do not work in his favour and only his closest allies such as his wife mainly, but also his secretary stop him from hitting rock bottom and help him find his role in this war and help him find the words for that D day speech.

Emotional, interesting and amazig cinematography and imagerey this was sucha good representation of this Her

Weekly sum up

Well started the week off with a lovely heat wave ended in rain  but oh well! Was nice to have breakfast outside one morning!

Got my nails done!! Went for these summery colours to prolong the sunshine in nail form if nothing else!

Mid week went for a meal to our local sizzling pub. Yummy food! And lovely family time!

Sunday went for Frankie and Benny's breakfast which was yummy! And then went to see Churchill movie  (review to come) and ended the week with strawberry lambrini and Glastonbury!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

In summer!!

Well what a glorious sunday! We were on a mission to enjoy the sun and we certainly did. Booze, BBQ and music just lovely and relaxing even if we did get a bit sun burnt!

And my lovely Peonies i got from Morrison's yesterday have bloomed and look amazing!

Here comes the sun and i say it's alright