Friday, 21 April 2017

Ramin Karimloo and the Broadgrass Band!

In January as a birthday gift i was lucky enough to see one of the biggest west end and Broadway stars.
Ramin Karimloo,
Famous for starring in shows such as the launch of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Love Never Dies, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and at the moment he is in New York starring in the new musical Anastasia ( I'm sure some of you saw this movie as a child).
Before he embarked on his new venture he did a tour of the UK with his broadgrass group.
I saw this amazing show at the Leeds City Varieties a unique old school varieties theatre with a quaint and vintage style and intimate venue.
The broadgrass idea started in a dressing room while he was in Love Never Dies and made a journey to what i was presented on this January night.
So firstly what is broadgrass i hear you ask.?
Well, its songs brought down to its raw foundations. As Ramin said "A good song should work with just a guitar". Its basically a mix of bluegrass and Broadway in its acoustic element.
This made the most amazing show.
The vocal abilities were laid bare and did not disappoint and the instruments playing from guitar to banjo just brought such a magical element.
See above for his accompanying artists Matthew Harvey's vocals with Ramin were amazing when he sang on his own and with Ramin such a lovely sound
There were some well known songs sung from the amazing Til i hear you sing from Love Never Dies which made me cry and the hairs stand up on my neck it was so raw and at its purity as Ramin nailed effortlessly those strong powerful vocals. Bring him home from Les Miserables which was as heartbreaking as the first time you herd it and well delivered as usual by Ramin.
And the then a few songs where the bluegrass really complimented those Broadway classics Oh what a Beautiful Morning from Oaklahoma and Edelweiss from The Sound of Music which Ramin and Matthew sang together but Matthew took more of a lead.
This is to name just a few from the set and there were also Ramins own original songs too! 
If you go on you tube you can hear some of his broadgrass compositions and he has albums for it too which are geat
If ever he tours with this again i would highly recommend if you love him, Broadway, west end, musicals or just good music!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Top 10 Disney Movies

As inspired by a favourite blogger/vlogger of mine Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher, I am about to list my fave Disney Movies and why! These are in no particular order as it probably changes everytime I re-watch one!

1.Peter Pan- it is just an amazing heart warming story that every kid can relate too I even liked the sequel! Plus the other versions of Peter pan are great, it is just a relative story to tell every child and the characters can really be a big influence on a child's life. And who doesn't wish they could fly with just a little bit of pixie dust!

2. Beauty and the Beast- My favourite princess a lovely heart warming movie with really good songs amazing characters and just a unique but beautiful story.

3. The Little Mermaid- How I so wanted to be a mermaid the colourful scenes of under the sea to Ariel belting out part of your world it was just a much loved classic that I loved !

4. The Nightmare before Christmas- Tim Burton at his best totally surreal story but nostalgic to watch at Christmas and Halloween with quirky charecters and songs. It's amazing

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame- I loved Paris after watching this and when visited had to see where Quasimodo lived, I'd dance around like esmerelda with my tambourine too. The songs and story topic were quite dark for disney but still amazing

6. Snow White- I remember reading this in a fairytale book then seeing the film and just loving it's simple story of kindness overcoming the bad and love and friendship. And I wanted her dress!!

7. The Lion King- The music is epic!!!!! That beginning of circle of life is just this amazing build up to an amazing film And when mufaser dies I just remember being so sad that is probs a lot of kids first encounter with death and it such a simple scene but you feel exactly how simba feels and that is powerful stuff.

8. Mary Poppins- An iconic cast amazing songs and all done without animated charters it was all real and it feels that real to a child. Who else wanted a nanny like Mary Poppins?

9. Aladdin- I just love the song a whole new world and the legend Robin Williams as genie just shaped my childhood and I just love it ad a easy going, make you smile and laugh feel good movie.

10. The Muppets Christmas Carol- must watch as soon as it Christmas amazing well loved charecters showing us all what Christmas is all about.

That was difficult, what's your top 10? By the way it's not as easy as you think.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It's got to be Perfect!

Sometimes we really want everything to just be right and perfect and exactly how it is in our head,i can be really stubborn when it comes to this and I've really had to try tell myself you can't control every little bit of life because things happen you could never predict some bad and some good!
Be proud of moving forward and making progress no matter how small rather than everything being perfect because that isn't going to happen and usually things will work out the less you try to control it!
Let the world work prevent but don't perfect or you'll be obsessed with controlling things in your life rather than just enjoying life at its fullest no matter what.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Woman on a mission

So I am on a little quest to maybe find a new job and god is it the most long stretched exhausting things ever. I basically want a change after 3 years at where I am now I feel I want to change of scenery and just experience something different. I really do feel for anyone having to trail through websites and shop windows looking for jobs and wanting so bad to hear from somewhere and hear nothing Etc. it really can make you feel really CRAP!

But in the end I tell myself this is how it is and at the moment our job climate is awful so I am not going through any different to anyone else I am doing everything I possibly can and everything else is out of my control. I am good at what I do and someone will see that I refresh my CV to make sure I sound good in it and hope that someone will recognise my passion someday.

It's like looking for love you never know when or where or how but one day it will happen....

Fingers crossed!