Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Wicked Uk Tour (Leeds Grand Theatre 4th July)

Tell them how I am
Defying gravity
I'm flying high
Defying gravity
10am we saw cheap tickets on sale 2.30pm we were sat in our seats!
3rd time seeing this show and it did not disappoint! We actually had the understudy Elphaba Nikki Bentley which was also special as the 2nd time i saw wicked on the last tour we had the understudy Jodie Steele. And as understudies taking on the role they knocked it out the house both times for me so i am never disappointed to see an understudy!
Special mention to Aaron Sidwell who play Fiyero! Really amazing so laid back and comfortable in the role and an amazing vocal performance from him and all the cast!

This musical is and will be up there as a classic musical next to les mis etc. Its story is amazing, the set, the score, the lighting and sound and the costumes all have made this show so fun and unique and powerful and even on tour it does not lower its standards it is just as amazing on any stage you see it on. And having seen it 3 times already theres always something new you notice.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 star rating

Monday, 9 July 2018

Son of a Preacher Man Uk Tour (Bradford Alhambra 12th june 2018)

"The only boy who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man "

When the email came through offering cheap tickets for this show i thought why not! And it did not disappoint.
Previously i know the tour had some more known stars in its cast but at my venue none of those known names were in it but the cast we had were just as great.
Another juke box musical the story was nice a group of people all needing answers to some of life's dilemmas head to a old record store now a cafe to speak to the preacher Man who used to give advice in the 60s, though he is know longer there his son is but his approach to helping is not as robust as his fathers way and so so e hurdles occur. All people involved get a happy ending of course. The thing that i liked most is the diversity of the stories. Not so typical the problems they face include a girl who fancies a guy on an internet dating site whose nan died and was secretly a rich lady which turns the girls life upside down. A woman who was a teacher and thinks she falls in love with her student and the student falls in love with her ( i won't spoil the outcome of the one) and a Gay man who is looking for a lost love he met at that record shop in the 60s. Such diverse issues and controversial to some but issues that are a constant presence in our culture now nevermind in the 60s as well it brings it all together!
The story wasn't as strong in some areas, in places i felt it was a bit slow and spent too much time on some parts of the story rather than others. But maybe still being a new musical needs tweaking here and there but it has major potential! The songs were great with the sounds of the 60s with Dusty Springfield's songs and the 60s flashbacks to the record shop in there amazing 60s fashion. It was nostalgic and inspiring. You'll be singing and dancing by the end and all the way home.

2.5/5 star rating 🌟🌟.5

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Jersey Boys Uk Tour (Bradford Alhambra)

 Without sounding cliche, Oh what a night it was!

You have probably heard a Frankie Valli and The Four season song without even realising. Alot of there songs shaped there era and the next ones and also created a musical and movie based on their story.
I had seen the movie before the musical and loved that but heard the musical was far better and they were not wrong. 
Jukebox musicals can be a bit like marmite. Not every ones cup of tea but this is honestly one of the good ones! There is enough dialogue to song ratio and the songs actually link in with the story so they don't cheat and just add loads of songs in, like some juke box musicals do.
The cast were amazing all previously done the roles either on tour west end and with a great back catalogue of musical credits the songs were put into great hands to be sung well.
The songs! From Beggin' to Oh what a night to My eyes adored you each broke your heart, made you sing along or got those toes tapping. A total audience standing ovation and finale dance ended the show on a high, i would have liked a quick medley at the end but they didn't but still you came out singing the songs all the way home

4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟star rating

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A lovely afternoon (The Greatest Showman)

 What a lovely afternoon. We started with a lovely afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie which was so lovely. Afternoon tea always looks like not alot to eat and you would manage it until you get 2 layers in and you start doubting yourself and give up so get the rest boxed up !
 We then headed to our local Cineworld to see the highly anticipated The Greatest Showman.
Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum creator of the Barnum & Bailey circus. Set in New york it tells his story. The highs and lows. With emotive and foot stomping songs this is an inspiring story of dreams and imagination.
With the legend Hugh Jackman playing the title role of Barnum we were already onto a winner. Accompanying him were Michelle Williams as Charity, Barnum's wife with a beautiful voice, Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle who finally got rid of that cheesy high school musical voice for a really lovely toned voice and really made held his own and showed of his honestly amazing talent! Good career move Zac!
And the rest of the cast were amazing too some new faces we will most likely see again after this performance.

 It reminded me visually of Moulin rouge but musically held its own with its modern song and dance yet setting in Victorian era.
From that first songs your toe was tapping and by the end they were stomping along, you may cry and you may cheer. It gives that much.

A definite must see, they need to make it into a stage show though now !