Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Weekly Sum up

After the events of this week i feel I'm looking at everything different. I'm looking at what I'm fortunate to have , fortunate to be in the situation I'm in and not to worry so much about the should of or could of of life. Live for the now dream and have hope. And live life to the full now and soon not the later. 
Be proud of where you've come and that your here, the you one some of life's battles and lived.
Don't feel bad because you didn't get a B in that exam, don't feel bad you only have a a part time job not a full time one, don't feel bad you didn't get that promotion or the top prize. No one understands your journey, you do remember what it took for you to get there what you went through, how much you tried. But you lived and you felt every emotion and experienced high and low points. That's life it's not easy and it won't all come at once but just appreciate what you do have. As some do not get that chance.

Top 10 songs of all time!

For either nostalgia or just because they sound good here are my top 10 songs of all time. I may add though they are in no particular order

  1. The Riddle- Nik Kershaw - It makes no sense but it is catchy and typical 80s rifts and sound.
  2. Lets hear it for the Boy- Deniece Williams - I sing this to my boyfriend all the time as it just describes me and him, i love Footloose the movie and musical and its just a catchy song!
  3. Waiting for the Star to Fall- Boy meets Girl- From my fave movie as a kid 3 men and a little lady it's such a nice song and i loved the more modern remix that came out too. 
  4. St Elmos Fire (Man in motion) - John Parr - this is a hairbrush in hand, belt it out song you can't not song along.
  5. Your Song- Ewan Mcgregor (Moulin Rouge) - love the film but how he sings it just makes me melt the notes he hits and just how he sings it different to the original makes to a whole other version to stand on its own.
  6. Here comes the Sun- The Beatles - reminds me of summer and its just a classic and its The Beatles need i say more!
  7. Night Changes - One Direction- the vocals! Literally melts my heart and is relateable. Gotta love Harry's parts best!
  8. Ghost of you- My Chemical Romance - takes me back to being a teenager i love this band and Gerard Ways vocals are immense
  9. Time of your life- Green Day - again back to being a teen but love how they've gone into musicals. Only band that still sound the same as they did in the beginning and there in there 40s!
  10. Mcfly- Room on the 3rd floor- playing this album in my room as a young girl and loving these boys and i still do!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Soundtrack of my life tag

My First Album: It must have been a steps album probs step one! Loved them!

Long Term Relationship Album: Now thats what i call... just any of them more the themed ones rather than the numbered ones.

Song That Makes Me Happy: Together in electric dreams!

Song/Album That Makes Me Want To Dance:  5 6 7 8!! By Steps

First Gig: For an outside gig Party in the park in Bingley, west yorkshire / for intimate venue gig Duffy at mancheater apollo

Song I Wish I'd Written: The riddle by Nik Kershaw it makes no sense but in a way it does but its such a good song!

Song That Reminds Me Of Being A Teen: Panic at the disco i write sins not tragedies

Sweatiest Gig: Party in the park one year was scorching!

Karaoke song: Lets hear it for the boy -Denice Williams / from the movie footloose

Best Gig: Duffy

Songs That Remind Me Of Home: Come on eileen - Dexies midnight runners

Least Favourite Song: Axel f police academy son that bloody frog ruined it!

Ultimate Desert Island Disc: Smash hits 80s annual

Monday, 15 May 2017

Week sum up

This week has truly been a mixture. Life's hard and life doesn't go your way and sometimes you feel crap. Its OK! Forget who may judge you and just do it all for you sometimes things wont go your way but you sometimes have to let that ship sale a bit to learn and wait for something on the horizon. Everything happens for a reason!
Don't feel bad for things not going to plan or how they "should" be. That's don't always work out.
I stead whatever life throws at you take it by the horns and go for it and see what happens.

This week consisted of work, blogging, softails, new clothes, finding myself and life evaluation.

ITVs Tonight at the London Palladium

If like me you love theatre and musical theatre or love comedians and variety acts i suggest you tune into ITVs Tonight at the London Palladium.

Host by Bradley Walsh this revival of a 1950s variety show has hit our screens on an off ever since and even now is a hit.
Its like the royal variety but every week.

As a musicals fan i love it as usually every week there is a performance from a stage show that is performing at the moment so is a good way to get a preview! Already this series there has been performances from Half a Sixpence, 42nd street and this week a preview of The Addams Family UK Tour which i myself am seeing later this year so love that i can get a glimpse beforehand!

I would highly recommend this show its on Wednesdays at 8pm and is just a feel good show to watch curled up on the sofa for a bit of mid week nostalgia.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

GO GO GO Joseph!!

All time classic musical on stage in all it's glory starring Joe McElderry as Joseph and BGT's Lucy Kay and Benjamin James-Ellis from BBC's Any dream will do.
I attended the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford to see this amazing show for either the 3rd or 4th time.

An avid fan of the film version with Donny Osmond and having seen it before on stage i had high hopes and it did not disappoint!

Lucy Kays projection was amazing if some what more operatic than i am used to seeing from the Narrator which may not be to everyones cup of tea, the local school choir also sang amazing. Each brother really portrayed there individual charecter well and jacob as ever was modist yet full of experienced talent.

Benjamin James Ellis was amazing as the Elvis inspired King /Pharoah and really could sing !

But Joe. Joe McElderry was phanomanal. His vocals were amazing his training from popstar to operastar really helped him and he has cleary kept that going so he can control and carry his voice and hit those notes in Close every door and Josephs coat. Yet his acting was funny and quirky which you like to see in this production its all fun not too serious and a heartwarming stage show i will definatley see again and again!

Go see it ! Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat UK Tour!!!

The Breakfast Club Review

Curled up one day off i finally watched that 80's classic The Breakfast Club. With that nostalgic typical 80's filming style you've seen in Fame, Dirty Dancing and Footloose i already knew i would love it!

The story in the film did not disappoint. Still relevant now it explored a group of teenagers head to toe in garish but classic 80's attire we meet 5 teens all from very different backgrounds and cliques in a typical American high school. None would normally socialise or acknowledge each other and yet here they are in detention on a Saturday for 8 hours in the same room.

They start off hating each other, ridiculing each other, judging and keeping to there stereotypes. But as the day goes on they soon learn about the real people behind each of them. We learn there stories, who they are and who they are not and who they portray themselves to be. There views and why there in detention i the first place.

You hate them then you love them and your.opinions of them grow and change just like there is do in the film.

The acting is so good and natural considering how deep and powerful some of the subjects and scenes are. There is issues of drugs, child abuse, depression, guns and pear pressure to name a few. They all discuss and battle there demons in this school and by the end you can see the relief in change in each of them like they have been to a therapy session.
You root for each character so much that at the end your gutted you don't find out what happened after they go home or the next day in school whether they are still friends of if they go back to there cliques and acts like nothing ever happened.

Shame there was no sequel!

A must watch before you die a true classic everyone can relate too!

Their Finest Movie Review

Starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy, this film follows a newly appointed scriptwriter appointed for writing propaganda movies at the time of the 1940's blitz.
It shows you how the films were made, the government influence and the way women were viewed in world war 2.

This humorous but lovely film also provided a heartbreaking love story with an ending to shatter that typical happy ending.
A classic British feel good film with a equally fantastic British cast. Directed by Schefig who also directed another British classic An Education.

The films was such a good representation  of that period, the convention s of those kind of films but unique in turning those conventions upside down. You think you k ow where its leading, but trust me you don't.
I don't want to do reviews i  order to spoil it and say what happens. I merely want to intrigue you to go watch it and see for yourselves with an open mind.