Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Top 10 Disney Movies

As inspired by a favourite blogger/vlogger of mine Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher, I am about to list my fave Disney Movies and why! These are in no particular order as it probably changes everytime I re-watch one!

1.Peter Pan- it is just an amazing heart warming story that every kid can relate too I even liked the sequel! Plus the other versions of Peter pan are great, it is just a relative story to tell every child and the characters can really be a big influence on a child's life. And who doesn't wish they could fly with just a little bit of pixie dust!

2. Beauty and the Beast- My favourite princess a lovely heart warming movie with really good songs amazing characters and just a unique but beautiful story.

3. The Little Mermaid- How I so wanted to be a mermaid the colourful scenes of under the sea to Ariel belting out part of your world it was just a much loved classic that I loved !

4. The Nightmare before Christmas- Tim Burton at his best totally surreal story but nostalgic to watch at Christmas and Halloween with quirky charecters and songs. It's amazing

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame- I loved Paris after watching this and when visited had to see where Quasimodo lived, I'd dance around like esmerelda with my tambourine too. The songs and story topic were quite dark for disney but still amazing

6. Snow White- I remember reading this in a fairytale book then seeing the film and just loving it's simple story of kindness overcoming the bad and love and friendship. And I wanted her dress!!

7. The Lion King- The music is epic!!!!! That beginning of circle of life is just this amazing build up to an amazing film And when mufaser dies I just remember being so sad that is probs a lot of kids first encounter with death and it such a simple scene but you feel exactly how simba feels and that is powerful stuff.

8. Mary Poppins- An iconic cast amazing songs and all done without animated charters it was all real and it feels that real to a child. Who else wanted a nanny like Mary Poppins?

9. Aladdin- I just love the song a whole new world and the legend Robin Williams as genie just shaped my childhood and I just love it ad a easy going, make you smile and laugh feel good movie.

10. The Muppets Christmas Carol- must watch as soon as it Christmas amazing well loved charecters showing us all what Christmas is all about.

That was difficult, what's your top 10? By the way it's not as easy as you think.