Friday, 15 September 2017

The Addams Family Musical

Even as the curtain went up and you herd that infamous theme and the *click, click* i knew the show was going to meet my expectations. Ones made great by the fact that you tuber and writer Carrie hope Fletcher was in it and i had been watching her Watch me Wednesdays leading up to this day with the backstage preperations and antica that i couldn't hide my excitement i knew i had to go and it was the first time going to the theatre on my own!
The basic story is Wednesday Addams falls in love with a normal boy and they wanna get married but they want there parents blessing. Commence crazy meeting in the Addams central park home and all kooky goings on happen.
So what did i think?

The Cast

  • Samantha Womack- Morticia- so good as the sexy and sultry Morticia, great singing and acting not the most powerful singer but very good still.
  • Les Dennis-Uncle Fester- Funny and innocent Fester whose Love story is so cute and played by this legend was carried off really well such good acting needed for the role and he pulled it off.
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher-Wednesday- The reason i came to see it. Totally amazing her voice is just as good in person her chemistry with all the cast was amazing and the part suited her well!
  • Cameron Blakely-Gomez- hilarious and amazing acting done here clearly his years in the business shone through, nothing was forced and his singing is pure class.
  • Valda Aviks-Grandma- considering her age shes a feisty little something so funny!
  • Grant McIntyre-Pugsley- lovely solo by him when doing what if! And he did pugsley just as you would imagine him to be naughty and a typical kid but innocent too.
  • Oliver Ormson- Lucas Beineke- nice on the eye, amazing voice and funny too got a few laughs and jibes for dabbing by the school kids in o  the performance! 
  • Dicken Gough- Lerch- does not say much of course but for someone who hardly speaks he did this character amazing justice. Wouldn't be Addams family without lerch!
  • Lucas parents-Dale Rapley and Charlotte Page- great pairing good singing and reflection of married couples drawn apart then back together again.
  • The Ancestors-  amazing group Scott Paige stood out due to Carries vlogs but all really made the show!
The Set and story

I loved the set Gothic and kooky it really reflected the family and the scene with the moon was so beautiful.
The story was realistic and you know would have happened i that classic families life. It was funny and relateable and quirky all at the same time but not normal far from normal this is the Addams family of course.

The Songs/Music

A mixture of quirky fun songs to really lovely heart felt powerful songs. It had it all!
When your and Addams made up as there welcome entrance, with crazier than you as the love song and Pulled giving the power to the situation Wednesday found herself in and full disclosure just was not getting out of your head now!

Listen to it ! Go see it if you can! And lets hope Andrew Lippa does a cast soundtrack!

YORK places to see...

Just walking into York from our hotel there was so much to see. The old buildings and streets and amazing architecture. Your immediately transported.

York minster is a must when we went at first it was really early morning and we just walked the grounds and that alone was amazing looking at it and its grounds you really got a sense of grandeur from it and it is that walk that made us decide we had to go in. So the day after it was raining so we went inside on this day to keep dry yes you pay, but it goes towards keeping this amazing place standing and that ticket lasts you a year we went on one of the tours which o think is a good idea so you can get the info and context to it all which just adds to the experience! A must see definitely our trip was cut short due to a reservation  and the fact it was not planned but we will go again!

This was my highlight the York Castle museum! It starts at the beginning then goes through the ages speaking about the whole of york and where it started. What people were like and what they did, how it was to live and work there and what york was know for. At one point we got a guided tour on the Victorian street section. The guide, all dressed in the era attire, spoke about living in these times for each class and really made the streets and its rooms come to life and he gestured towards volunteers in some of the shops as they want to talk about there shop and the history but there volunteers so don't get paid like he did and so wanted us to go see them. The One we spoke to in the pharmacy was amazing and so funny getting a jar of leeches out and entertaining the adults and the children. We were here for like 2 hours and i think was the best place we went.

We had to pop into the golden fleece just for a drink one of the most haunted pubs it was very atmospheric and was literally painted in history which was suggestive at how you were bound to feel as well as the un-even creaky floors and darkened rooms i ended up getting neck pain and when we left it disappeared instantly!

Above is the best part of the rail museum. Not my cup of tea.

This caused damage to the bank! It is amazing and the staff are so good getting into charecter with the koda and chatting about the store while you wait. Its become such a phenomenon i  itself the staff and owners never expected it to become so big. Yes you have to Que and shouldn't be for too long if your tactful with the time you gobut it is worth the wait if your into Harry potter.

Musical theatre tag!

What was the first musical you ever saw?
On stage would have been Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.
On Film The Sound of Music probably at my nans house and it would have been her starting to influence me with musicals!
What was your favourite musical growing up?
Sound of music or Oliver they were the first ones i kind of watched and just think the best Way to start my obsession. Playing The sound of music over and over again in a day !
Were you ever in a musical?
We did Joseph at school! And we did a medley thing one year and we did Tomorrow from Annie and FLASH, BANG, WALLOP! from Half a sixpence.

What was the first musical you saw on Broadway?
I have not had the privilege i would love to tho!
What was the first musical you saw on West End?
again none! Fail!
If you could be any female character from a musical, who would you be and why?
The Narrator in Joseph you get to have fun your the driving force of the show and you get to sing such a mix of songs! And it is a good feel good musical with special sentiment to me.
Which male character?
Fiyero, just so can sing Dancing through life and As long as your mine!
Favourite musical song to sing in the shower? 
At the moment it is Crazier than you from The Addams Family Musical

Who is your favourite theatre actress?
Carrie Hope Fletcher or Lea Salonga

And actor?
Ramin Karimloo

Favourite film adaptation of a musical?
Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera

What do you think is the most underrated musical?
Moulin Rouge! Please god someone get behind this and do a tour and west end stint!

What do you think is the most overrated musical?

I do love Wicked and its so good not sure if its as big as its made out !

What musical made you cry?
The Sound of Music at Edelweiss 

What musical made you laugh?
The Addams Family Musical

Are there any musicals you saw and hated?
Not really mama mia movie musical is good but god they could have cast better ! No singing voices or what for some of that cast!

Which musicals are you dying to see?
Jersey Boys, Les Mis, Blood Brothers

What musical do you want to see as a film?
Well seems every things being made into one i guess Hamilton would be interesting or even Addams Family Musical into a movie to follow the original movies would be good.

Any movie or book you think should be turned into a musical?
I said Anastasia for ages and now it is! Or Raise your Voice ( has Hilary Duff in it)

What is your all-time favourite musical?
Moulin Rouge!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

YORK places to eat....


On our recent trip to the historic city of York we ate in some really lovely laces. whist there i fell in Love with the independent eatery's and cafes and there uniqueness you don't get in a normal town. i have decided to highlight some of these places in hopes help anyone visiting this Beautiful City find the perfect places to rest and unwind and devour some amazing food.

Bills- 12 Coney Street, York YO1 9NA

I know this is a popular chain but we ad never been before and kept meaning to try it and we were not disappointed.
The atmosphere was lovely on arrival, not to busy and we asked to sit towards the back where it was quieter. It was lovely with it's British eclectic style it's cosy and simple yet rustic ambiance
We ordered drinks i went with the Watermelon, peach and raspberry juice, very Moorish but so refreshing just what was needed after a day sight seeing.

For starter i went for the Roasted tomato soup with cotted cream and warm pesto flat bread. it was amazing the clotted cream in the soup just added a really nice creamyness to the tangy soup.
For main i went for the Halloumi burger with tomato hummus, sweet chili sauce roasted red peppers, pea shoots, red onion, garlic lemon mayo,  in a sesame bun with fries on the side. I had to try this after hearing Zoe Sugg rave bot it and it was really nice could do with more halloumi but that's my preference. Sadly i did not get a photo of this was clearly too hungry.

Dessert followed and we both went for the crumble with peach and raspberry drizzled with a salted caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream. It was lovely and comforting as the evening drew in and the end to a lovely experience.

Brew and Brownie Bakeshop 99 museum Street, York, YO1 7DT

After a morning walk around the minster we headed to this small independent cafe after seeing posts on instagram, you walk in noticing the lovely cakes they have in the window and were hit by the aroma of freshly made coffee, the staff welcomed us and we asked for if we could just sit down to which she said yes and would be right over. We ordered caramel lattes, large ones. They came in a large mugs and was an amazing cup of heaven. It is a smallish place with white walls, art on the wall and all different cakes and breads displayed on a table and in the window and black boards listing the drinks behind the counter It seemed a popular place, a bunch of middle aged women sat next to us all having breakfast and people kept popping in for a coffee some i think were regulars, it was nice to see and added to the atmosphere. We decided to order pancakes i wet for banana and nutella and my partner went for the specials menu that had some lovely options on too. When they came we were surprised at the portion a really big stack of 4/5 fluffy American pancakes. Sadly they defeated us and we could not finish them much the waitresses amusement. Definitely be visiting here again.

Cut and Chase- 39 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LS

When we entered there were no staff around so we just sat down and when someone came she was apologetic, it was quiet inside but there seemed to be a lot sat outside in the small beer garden which explains no one being there initially. we ordered drinks a lovely and cold refreshing bottle of strawberry and vanilla cider. We then decided to order from the fixed price menu.

I opted for the fish and chips, a beer battered haddock fillet, twice cooked skin on chips, pea puree and a home made lemon tartar. The batter was lovely with  slight crunch, the haddock was light and flaky and tasted wonderful and the tartar sauce just added to it all nicely.  For dessert i went for the Banoffee Pavlova layers with layers of meringue with banana, toffee sauce, honeycomb and Chantilly cream.
There was quite lot of meringue for my liking or not enough cream? but it was light and still an indulgence and really lovely end to the meal in this modern yet quaint independent restaurant.

Crumbs Cupcakery- 10 college Street, York, Y01 7JF

I booked this weeks before our trip as i had seen so man reviews on instagram about it.  As we rushed in from the rain we waked into vintage shabby chic heaven, teacups hung from cupboards, flowers and bunting dotted around the cakery cupcakes of a variety of flavours lined the display case. We were seated on a sofa with coffee table reserved for our afternoon tea, ideally we would have preferred a table as it was quite low down and right near the counter and with a large group of staff doing food prep it didn't feel very private. But the food made up for it. 

I ordered a luxury hot chocolate with cream marsh mellows and a flake it came in a lovely pink handled mason jar very quaint and adding to the vintage theme.
They then brought over our afternoon tea. Again keeping in theme on a floral cake stand we had finger sandwiches, cucumber, ham and mustard, beef and cheese with chutney and accompanied by a bowl of salted crisps, then we had the scones with cream and jam and on top 4 different mini cupcakes, chocolate orange flavour, lemon, raspberry swirl cheesecake and brownie. all were amazing! The place and food were amazing quaint and a lovely ending to our trip.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Gotta love a snapchat filter

You gotta love a good filter, i go on snapchat and go through each one just for a laugh and send them to my boyfriend with funny photos or a funny video with a silly voice! They take really nice pictures too i love the compilation above! It's fun and different and brightens up the day!

Churchill 2017 movie review

Set during the lead up to D day in 1944 we see Sir Winston Churchills attempts to stop the normandy invasion so as not to repeat the suffering he saw at Gallipoli in 1915. Events we see do not work in his favour and only his closest allies such as his wife mainly, but also his secretary stop him from hitting rock bottom and help him find his role in this war and help him find the words for that D day speech.

Emotional, interesting and amazig cinematography and imagerey this was sucha good representation of this Her

Weekly sum up

Well started the week off with a lovely heat wave ended in rain  but oh well! Was nice to have breakfast outside one morning!

Got my nails done!! Went for these summery colours to prolong the sunshine in nail form if nothing else!

Mid week went for a meal to our local sizzling pub. Yummy food! And lovely family time!

Sunday went for Frankie and Benny's breakfast which was yummy! And then went to see Churchill movie  (review to come) and ended the week with strawberry lambrini and Glastonbury!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

In summer!!

Well what a glorious sunday! We were on a mission to enjoy the sun and we certainly did. Booze, BBQ and music just lovely and relaxing even if we did get a bit sun burnt!

And my lovely Peonies i got from Morrison's yesterday have bloomed and look amazing!

Here comes the sun and i say it's alright

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Gifted 2017 review

Gifted 2017 starring Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace.

I saw this at an unlimited screening with Cineworld Cinemas. I have one of there unlimited cards and this is one of the perks!

We got free candy too!
Anyway back to the film, i a basic sum up it is about a girl brought up by her uncle who is a gifted child in mathematics her school intervene causing unwanted family members to intervene to find whats best for her and how to nurture her and her gift.
Through out this we learn about the back story and why her uncle is so protective and wants her to have a normal childhood. It will make you laugh and cry and is a lovely nostalgic film and I'm sure fans of this genre will not be disappointed!