Monday, 18 November 2013

Calling someone fat won't make you any skinnier... part 3

Don't just take my word for it.....

Inspiration can be the greatest kick in the right direction

Calling someone fat won't make you any skinnier... part 2

My Story....

Though it may not be a huge things its the standard day to day upsets people may face nothing dramatic but its the small things that can feel a weight on your shoulders.

I've never been really skinny as a child i was a normal size with the bits of puppy fat, all my family aren't really skinny so i guess though they say genes have nothing to do with it a whole family being a biggish size can i think mean you may follow there footsteps. The women all have wide set hips carry out weight mostly down around the waste and large busts, curvaceous.
In year 9 i lost alot of weight due to just how school life routine was it was all about socialising not food. i then had a few years of being pretty skinny then it sort of came back as life got more normal and consistent.I had my share of comfort eating through break ups and feeling fat and horrible during relationships and afterwards.
In the past 2 years i have yo-yo'd in weight really my boyfriend of the past 1 and half years is a foodie he likes good food and as do i and its a social thing we go through, we aren't the most unhealthiest yes we could be better but was also love a good home cooked meal that's healthy and delicious as well as naughty take outs. At the moment I'm about 13 stone its fluctuate between 12 and 13 as of recent, my dress size has gone up slightly id say I'm more a 14/16 now. Ive had trouble with stretch marks since a young age, just must have stretchy skin. However they have been more appearing at the moment after the yo-yoing of my weight, it makes me self conscious but Ive decided to take upon myself to try get rid or lighten them so i religiously put Palmer's stretch mark cream on me everyday and it is working.
I moan to my boyfriend about them and my weight but he doesn't care he just gives me a look and goes and, and i think to myself how bothered about this am i, i am healthy and I'm happy with someone who loves me for who i am am i really that bothered or is it just the initial look of things that aren't perfect that puts me off...but who wants perfection? even if we  were perfect we would find something to moan about.

In a sense i kinda feel i can look better now i can wear those curve hugging dresses that are so popular and feel like i fill them well and that i have a style to follow rather than how i used to feel which was I couldn't carry things off. I'm learning to accept what i have and learning to dress well and look after yourself can make you feel better in itself without shedding a load of weight through a awful fad diet.

Maybe...just Maybe we should stop thinking so much about what were "supposed to look like" and think how we feel and enhance that, make our own confidence rather than relying on looks and materials to make it look like were confident, that's gotta be worth more making your own confidence and have sink in your mind and veins that have ti be artificial and not skin deep.


Calling someone fat won't make you any skinnier... part 1

 To those who judge by the size of somebodies body, or the curve of somebodies bum, or the bone of somebodies shoulder blade...please think what if I said something like that to you? And just think...maybe the person who needs some change in their life is them...not you.

To those who listen to the people who say those things.... Don't you listen to anyone but yourself! cause if they have the time to put you down like that you don't have the time to listen to there issues. That's there problem not yours.

I'm not meaning just the curvaceous people but to the skinny people, people think because your skinny it means you don't eat or your anorexic or bulimic and most of the time it's not true it's just how you are, and if it is for those reasons just like a big person may be big because of medication or depression or genetics it isn't your fault and there judgement backfires in itself by the fact that it isn't your fault. not that there is fault in being big in the first place if you don't have a reason. If your happy and healthy what matters? if you are going through troubled times medically or physically then as long as you yourself are determined to sort that out then what they look at wont matter because you know the goal you want to reach and you know that this may not be you so they aren't judging you there judging what has happened due to something you aren't that something.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner
In Black and Nude £3.99

These eyeliner are just my now staple liners to pick up, i'll start with the black, i put this in my waterline usually though i have used it round my outer lid and it works well both ways, the colour is blackest black and  stays like that all day, it is very crayon like in texture and is quite build-able it really applies well to the eye and gives even distribution this applies to the nude colour as well yet this one i use to brighten my eye either in the corners or on the waterline, it gives such a lovely finish and really adds to a more subtle shadow look, great for summer! i would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a dramatic black or a subtle brightening of the eye and wants it to last all day!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Admit it...we can all be slobs

Come on girls! we all have those days where we think, nah!! we don't need make up today or ok this jumper should probably go in the day wont hurt or just the laziness of dragging ya hair in a messy ponytail and chucking on whatever is to hand to wear and sneaking of to the shops hoping no one sees.

This photograph appeared on the Daily mail today criticising Helena Bonham Carter choice of outfit for her quick dash to the shops and i just thought to myself, i bet more woman do this than you think! it natural and we all have those fat days or lazy days or unloved days when we just don't wanna be dressed up to the nines! we just wanna stay in bed really but sadly daily shop runs and school runs come calling and we have to drag ourselves out into the open world! 
My fella doesn't care that i can look shit some days though he wouldn't say i did he'd say id look beautiful so it isn't unattractive because its not an everyday thing it just an occasional thing so they see that you can look really good some days and focus on the real beauty the other days.

 She still has her stunning days, maybe we just need a break from always looking good in order for people to see whats behind the make up, backstage at the show of life.....?

Witch Anti-Blemish BB Beauty balm

 What it promises? Witch's Beauty Balm is ideal for blemish prone skin. It evens out skin tone, smoothes and hydrates whilst providing an immediate visible improvement in the appearance of your skin. SPF 15 protects the skin whilst the natural witch hazel helps keep it clear, leaving you looking flawless, radiant and natural. Fragrance Free Oil Free Dermatologically tested

My Opinion- This BB cream is so suitable to my combination skin, it goes well over dry patches and spots and cancels out redness completely it is as good as any high coverage foundation, it's staying power is also excellent i wouldn't say 24 hours long lasting but a day at work and its still in tact. having the witch hazel init makes it so soothing on the skin my skin is relatively sensitive and this just calms and soothes the redness, its treating the skin as well as concealing the impurities.

I apply this with my fingers and blend it in like i would moisturizer taking care around dry areas and making sure the colour blends in well. set with a translucent powder and your ready to continue with the rest of your make up, excellent base and flawless finish.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Soap and Glory- Quick Review!

Soap & Glory Flake Away-Body Scrub 
want an exfoliater that doesn't feel majorly abrasive and like your sanding down your skin with sandpaper then try this its small beads gently work the dry patches and the oily cream softens to create a great finish and pleasant experience!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
dry itchy feet from being on your feet all day try this soothing cream, thick in consistency a little goes along way creating a smooth finish that works deep into the skin taking the itchyness and dryness away. use daily and your tootsies will be ready for anything!

Soap & Glory™ Foam Call-Bath and Shower Wash
THE SMELL is so good so to wash yourself you have to use something that smells good so use this! with a moderate nice lather work this into your skin creating a soft skin finish and a lovely soak really making you feel clean and daily life challenges scrubbed away in a instant. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Shabby Chicness

Shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasised to differentiate it from genuine period decor.- WikiPedia

Sincet he popularity of shabby chicness most recently took over i have really loved decor items i have seen and though i had picked some things out i never really surrounded my room in total shabby chicness until now!
Now i will do a whole room look later but first of all i want to show you some of the little things you could buy and create in order to reflect the shabby chic idea.

Frame StoreTwenty One £2.99
I just couldn't resist this frame and one time i saw the blogger and you-tuber Dolly Bow Bow  create a beautiful frame postcard piece using Cath Kidston postcards so i took that and basically printed from the computer some Cath Kidston prints and frame them in each small section creating this lovely dainty frame piece that really adds subtle colour to a shabby chic room.

Wall Pleaques Store Twenty one £1.99 each
 I love Quotes and saw these and just thought that love can reflect within my room and also the design of them and typography goes with the shabby chic theme.

Hanging Heart Frame Storetwenty One £1.99
 i added a pastel coloured image to this frame of a floral backdrop with a white sketch of an Eiffel tower, it just added more characteristically and its etched design and ribbon added texture to a bland wall.

Frames, £4.99 for 2x frames and mirror with same outer frame.

 Yet again i printed my own images keeping with the Eiffel tower frame i found these images on tumblr they were nicely photograph and made it look like windows looking outside to a Parisian world creating the shabby chic boudoir theme and taking shabby chic back to its roots.

Small trinkets, 3 figurines from my childhood, birdcage store twenty one £7.99, Love sign Primark £1.00, glass jar Next  £3.99

Add vintage trinkets from your childhood old ornaments, jars, boxes anything to add charecter.
these items are all on one shelf creating a cluttered feels but strtegically placed to visually adda focus point.

Hanging Candle holder Asda Living- Sale £3.00
 Candles are very fitting within the shabby chic theme and this cream candle holder just added depth to the room hanging in the corner of my room from my ceiling it filled a simple small corner with a big statement.

3X Canvas £4.99 Morrisons
This was a good find i wanted some fitting art work and saw this and though perfect, floral background with gold foil images placed on top the images being relevant to shabby chic, an Eiffel tower,  and chandelier and birdcage the light subtle reflects of the foil making the images glisten yet still being subtle enough for the light tones of the room.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

I have a good idea...

Why can't we just be the person we wanna be or the type of person we need to be to get somewhere sometimes we have to act to get somewhere in life but as long as you come home at the end of e day being yourself you know you are real and the acting was just for a few hours. It's just knowing how to find the balance between the act but letting people know who you really are too.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Life can challenge us at the worst and best of times, it springs up on us and make us question what we thought was normal and routine. it makes us question everything around us, what we like, who we like, what we want, what we do and how we feel. We learn about the people around us who can be accepting who can be hurtful and who deserves the provilige in being a major factor in your life or who deserves to be an extra in this never ending play of life. All of this doesn't mean it will go on's just one day... or a couple of days... it what you decide to do with what you have you change things or keep things the same?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Update

My life these past few months has literally changed a huge amount. Really its this past year but the past few months everything's sort of happened at once. I have had to step up in my job meaning more responsibility and more hours but alot more fun and alot more learning making my confidence grow and my career prospects alot more adventurous yet achievable.
I met the love of my like a year ago in march and we've had mainly highs and few lows but by low i mean petty silly things caused by stress of work and personal life issues. But he has literally turned my world into the most amazing place to be. I know no matter what kind of day i had i can fall back to him to cheer me up. I never thought id get what i wanted from a guy so early in age, at 21 but i really do feel good about this. That is not saying I'm rushing into stuff cause I'm not. i wanna spend as much time with him and doing alot of things before  settling down i ain't going to be silly about this :).

So now I'm on a more steady period in my life i thought I'd re-start this blog i will just write about anything i fancy at anytime it will literally be as and when i have  something to say :) but i hope it will have a better feel and direction than before.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Coming Soon....

Stay tuned and watch this space, a new and improved Sophiesticated world blog coming soon !!!
Thank you to those who still follow and Welcome to those who have stumbled across this post !!!

New and improved blog coming soon!