Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Update

My life these past few months has literally changed a huge amount. Really its this past year but the past few months everything's sort of happened at once. I have had to step up in my job meaning more responsibility and more hours but alot more fun and alot more learning making my confidence grow and my career prospects alot more adventurous yet achievable.
I met the love of my like a year ago in march and we've had mainly highs and few lows but by low i mean petty silly things caused by stress of work and personal life issues. But he has literally turned my world into the most amazing place to be. I know no matter what kind of day i had i can fall back to him to cheer me up. I never thought id get what i wanted from a guy so early in age, at 21 but i really do feel good about this. That is not saying I'm rushing into stuff cause I'm not. i wanna spend as much time with him and doing alot of things before  settling down i ain't going to be silly about this :).

So now I'm on a more steady period in my life i thought I'd re-start this blog i will just write about anything i fancy at anytime it will literally be as and when i have  something to say :) but i hope it will have a better feel and direction than before.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Coming Soon....

Stay tuned and watch this space, a new and improved Sophiesticated world blog coming soon !!!
Thank you to those who still follow and Welcome to those who have stumbled across this post !!!

New and improved blog coming soon!