Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It's got to be Perfect!

Sometimes we really want everything to just be right and perfect and exactly how it is in our head,i can be really stubborn when it comes to this and I've really had to try tell myself you can't control every little bit of life because things happen you could never predict some bad and some good!
Be proud of moving forward and making progress no matter how small rather than everything being perfect because that isn't going to happen and usually things will work out the less you try to control it!
Let the world work prevent but don't perfect or you'll be obsessed with controlling things in your life rather than just enjoying life at its fullest no matter what.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Woman on a mission

So I am on a little quest to maybe find a new job and god is it the most long stretched exhausting things ever. I basically want a change after 3 years at where I am now I feel I want to change of scenery and just experience something different. I really do feel for anyone having to trail through websites and shop windows looking for jobs and wanting so bad to hear from somewhere and hear nothing Etc. it really can make you feel really CRAP!

But in the end I tell myself this is how it is and at the moment our job climate is awful so I am not going through any different to anyone else I am doing everything I possibly can and everything else is out of my control. I am good at what I do and someone will see that I refresh my CV to make sure I sound good in it and hope that someone will recognise my passion someday.

It's like looking for love you never know when or where or how but one day it will happen....

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 17 February 2014


When sometimes you just want to help motivate yourself but it won't sink in you wish you could have it said to you or you say it to yourself so it means more well this is what i'm going to try do. I'm going to try help myself and help you, others that need motivation.

The Plan is i will look at my flaws, my dreams, ambitions, what i want to improve and tell myself it via this blog and try speak inspirationally and motivate myself which in turn will motivate anyone else who read these posts.

If people want to input into this then you are more than welcome we can all motivate each other and give each other advice or I can help give others advice or use suggestions on posts for the future.

I find images and music can really help me motivate myself so expect images and song lyrics, quotes etc. :)

There will be normal posts as well so don't worry about that :)