Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Weekly Sum up

After the events of this week i feel I'm looking at everything different. I'm looking at what I'm fortunate to have , fortunate to be in the situation I'm in and not to worry so much about the should of or could of of life. Live for the now dream and have hope. And live life to the full now and soon not the later. 
Be proud of where you've come and that your here, the you one some of life's battles and lived.
Don't feel bad because you didn't get a B in that exam, don't feel bad you only have a a part time job not a full time one, don't feel bad you didn't get that promotion or the top prize. No one understands your journey, you do remember what it took for you to get there what you went through, how much you tried. But you lived and you felt every emotion and experienced high and low points. That's life it's not easy and it won't all come at once but just appreciate what you do have. As some do not get that chance.

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