Monday, 22 May 2017

Soundtrack of my life tag

My First Album: It must have been a steps album probs step one! Loved them!

Long Term Relationship Album: Now thats what i call... just any of them more the themed ones rather than the numbered ones.

Song That Makes Me Happy: Together in electric dreams!

Song/Album That Makes Me Want To Dance:  5 6 7 8!! By Steps

First Gig: For an outside gig Party in the park in Bingley, west yorkshire / for intimate venue gig Duffy at mancheater apollo

Song I Wish I'd Written: The riddle by Nik Kershaw it makes no sense but in a way it does but its such a good song!

Song That Reminds Me Of Being A Teen: Panic at the disco i write sins not tragedies

Sweatiest Gig: Party in the park one year was scorching!

Karaoke song: Lets hear it for the boy -Denice Williams / from the movie footloose

Best Gig: Duffy

Songs That Remind Me Of Home: Come on eileen - Dexies midnight runners

Least Favourite Song: Axel f police academy son that bloody frog ruined it!

Ultimate Desert Island Disc: Smash hits 80s annual

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