Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Top 10 songs of all time!

For either nostalgia or just because they sound good here are my top 10 songs of all time. I may add though they are in no particular order

  1. The Riddle- Nik Kershaw - It makes no sense but it is catchy and typical 80s rifts and sound.
  2. Lets hear it for the Boy- Deniece Williams - I sing this to my boyfriend all the time as it just describes me and him, i love Footloose the movie and musical and its just a catchy song!
  3. Waiting for the Star to Fall- Boy meets Girl- From my fave movie as a kid 3 men and a little lady it's such a nice song and i loved the more modern remix that came out too. 
  4. St Elmos Fire (Man in motion) - John Parr - this is a hairbrush in hand, belt it out song you can't not song along.
  5. Your Song- Ewan Mcgregor (Moulin Rouge) - love the film but how he sings it just makes me melt the notes he hits and just how he sings it different to the original makes to a whole other version to stand on its own.
  6. Here comes the Sun- The Beatles - reminds me of summer and its just a classic and its The Beatles need i say more!
  7. Night Changes - One Direction- the vocals! Literally melts my heart and is relateable. Gotta love Harry's parts best!
  8. Ghost of you- My Chemical Romance - takes me back to being a teenager i love this band and Gerard Ways vocals are immense
  9. Time of your life- Green Day - again back to being a teen but love how they've gone into musicals. Only band that still sound the same as they did in the beginning and there in there 40s!
  10. Mcfly- Room on the 3rd floor- playing this album in my room as a young girl and loving these boys and i still do!

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