Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Breakfast Club Review

Curled up one day off i finally watched that 80's classic The Breakfast Club. With that nostalgic typical 80's filming style you've seen in Fame, Dirty Dancing and Footloose i already knew i would love it!

The story in the film did not disappoint. Still relevant now it explored a group of teenagers head to toe in garish but classic 80's attire we meet 5 teens all from very different backgrounds and cliques in a typical American high school. None would normally socialise or acknowledge each other and yet here they are in detention on a Saturday for 8 hours in the same room.

They start off hating each other, ridiculing each other, judging and keeping to there stereotypes. But as the day goes on they soon learn about the real people behind each of them. We learn there stories, who they are and who they are not and who they portray themselves to be. There views and why there in detention i the first place.

You hate them then you love them and your.opinions of them grow and change just like there is do in the film.

The acting is so good and natural considering how deep and powerful some of the subjects and scenes are. There is issues of drugs, child abuse, depression, guns and pear pressure to name a few. They all discuss and battle there demons in this school and by the end you can see the relief in change in each of them like they have been to a therapy session.
You root for each character so much that at the end your gutted you don't find out what happened after they go home or the next day in school whether they are still friends of if they go back to there cliques and acts like nothing ever happened.

Shame there was no sequel!

A must watch before you die a true classic everyone can relate too!

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